Project ‘Best care starts with us’


There was a need to improve the organizational efficiency of the commercial area and increase its productivity, key elements for differentiation and success.

They wanted to be able to talk to their customers in a different way, to understand the business in a different way and to know the situation where the sales network was.

Focus Strategic Areas:

  • Sales Call model focused on the health care professional and patient pathology.
  • Diagnosis regarding sales force training skills.
  • Train managers in coaching for the development of commercial teams.


The business challenge:

Nutricia saw the same issues that have impacted the medical-hospital sector: prescription cuts, reference prices, market decrease, etc.

In parallel to the changes in the business context, the strategic approach of the company (“From product to pathology”) required the adoption of different development solutions, such as:

  • Achieve greater productive and organizational effectiveness, with a focus on people and always adapted to the continuous demands of the market,
  • Implement a program of high impact and added value to the previously deployed training actions,
  • Measure  the gap between where they were and where they should be, between what the teams already knew and what was implemented,
  • Embarking on a transformation journey instead of only training.


New challenge:

The needs analysis, the evaluation of the current model and the strong corporate culture of Nutricia had to fit perfectly with our technical proposal.

Nutricia teams had to perceive the project not simply as one more training or a performance evaluation tool, which it was not, but as an opportunity for professional development.

To promote, in unison, the development of people and productivity and commercial efficiency, without incorporating additional tools, concepts or processes beyond what Nutricia already had.


The journey:

First, an exhaustive contextual analysis was carried out. During this initial phase a ‘Sales force field effective assessment’ of Nutricia delegates was done, observing each person’s  performance regarding the management model by competencies, CODE behaviours and the SUCCEED business patron of the company’s sales visit.

In the second place and as a result of the coaching in the field with the consultants all the Nutricia Delegates, raised individual and personal action plans focused on their professional development, with the orientation of the Nutricia paradigm shift (“From the product to the pathology ”) to thereby be able to define strengths, minimize gaps, improve commercial effectiveness and achieve greater operability of their PDR and IDP models.

In a third stage, managers were supported with a “sales force coaching effectiveness’, based on the previously approved action plan, in order to facilitate, under a collaborative prism, the professional development and commercial excellence of their delegates, emphasizing the successful behaviours of Nutricia’ s DNA.

During the project, focus sessions were held in which all delegates and managers participated, while the consultants accompanied the Nutricia teams in their business visits, “trying not to disrupt their usual day-to-day activities”.


The program helped to generate the methodological foundation and sufficient self-esteem among the group of delegates to fulfil their mission with greater productivity, satisfaction and alignment – of their attitudes and behaviours with the company’s key strategies and visions. Integrating all of this has contributed to obtaining better results.

The actions carried out served so that they can internalize their mission in the company, boosting their motivation and integration between the different teams; they have self-assessed and received the qualified coaching of an external observer who has agreed with each of them their ‘individual development action plan’, a circumstance that will result in greater professional performance, in addition to facilitating the improvement of their results and greater efficiency at work.

On the management side, thanks to the collaboration project with us, those responsible have been able to see the training from another point of view, understanding it as a transformation and development program. They changed the way they were working with their teams, the development and coaching conversations, the reinforcement. The attitude of the delegates regarding them also changed.

The involvement of managers was decisive. To this end, they were involved from the beginning in the development of the program, with emphasis on their leadership and an individual, customizable perspective. We understand that the role played by this figure is the key to incentivize, recognize and improve the skills of a consultant seller in delegates.

The initiative brought a great visibility to the HR and Commercial Directorates in front of their teams, helping them to focus their work in a different way, with an emphasis on the development and achievement of common goals.