Proud to Belong, The Ray Ban Journey at Luxottica

The Power of a Strategic Team in Rebranding a Legacy


To increase the Brand Value of Ray Ban in the eyes of the true customer target market.

To develop 50,000 internal Ray Ban brand ambassadors, in retail, wholesale, and e-commerce to make the right decisions and provide the right behavior to protect the brand.


Strategic Areas of Focus:

Business Strategy, Customer Targeting, Competitive Analysis, Brand Key, Cross Functional Engagement.

The Business Challenge:

Build a team to build a BRAND KEY based on analysis, data mining, customer and employee interviews and their own input.

To lobby and gain the agreement with the President and owner that this BRAND KEY was the right one and that significant investment was required to rebrand an iconic brand.

To align thousands of employees who all had different views of the brand and what it meant.


Our Challenge:

To build a 12 + team of senior executives representing 10 different functions (many who did not know each other) to align and work together to rebuild a brand tool that was powerful but intangible.

To do the entire project analysis, design, validation, and roll-out all within 9 months.


The Journey:

Accelerated the formation of the team using a series of personality profiling tools, visual mosaics, and having everyone touch a brand by bringing one of their favorites to our first meeting. The word PROUD… summarized why people bought these brands and it stuck.

Data Analysis went deeper than sales numbers and volume but we pushed the team to speak with customers, neighbors, and opticians themselves as well as using marketing based focus groups across the globe. Listen to Act helped us to see who was not the target. A key conclusion from this analysis, our client target group were not sharing information (passive approach) but exchanging information. They did not buy the brand because they needed it but because they wanted it.

Competitive Analysis showed that RayBan had winning majority in 3 specific US states, States where trends were created and people were enormously proud to be there.

Brand Key was completed after a series of role-plays of what and how Ray Ban target clients do life on a daily basis… Though controversial, we saw that Proud to Belong though very different were the epitome of Ray-Bans target consumer.


The Results:

Proud to Belong quickly replaced Never Hide as the lead tag line. Luxottica’s media agency which had struggled for years to understand the brand, created a media Christmas campaign in 3 weeks that went viral on you tube and was seen on every Sun Glass Hut video displayer. More than 55 million viewers watched the Proud to Belong video in its first few months.

Thanks to the cooperation between 12 functions, executive communication and roll-out was launched simultaneously across the company on time and on budget.

Mindset was changed by creating a one day workshop that accelerated the exact same journey the original team had experienced supported by decision making tools of how to protect the brand. This started with 250 executives and then was rolled out by countries to all employees.

Ray-Ban brand awareness has strengthened and 50,000 people know what it stands for.