Individual Assessment

We use proven tools, selected case by case to best benefit the client, to diagnose personality, talents and performance. Whether you are a manager learning how to lead others or you are a seasoned executive AchieveSpain can provide you the right assessment tools.  Our senior consultants help turn this knowledge into actionable learning recognizing that true sustainable transformation for an individual starts from inside themselves.

Discovering Self

Transformation starts with a journey of self awareness and self discovery. Individuals who know themselves deeply, know their strengths, their motivators, how they think and why they have certain habits are assets to any organization. The more self aware you are as a leader the more intentional can be your actions and your value added to a team.

We guide clients through the process of understanding feedback and information about themselves gathered via globally recognized assessments in order to build self-awareness and facilitate action planning.

Context & Relations

Leadership today requires courage and the ability to recognize and leverage outside conditions to support needed changes in an organization.

We support individuals to identify what activities and routines need to be adjusted to be more effective. For some leaders this may mean how they start each day and for others how to have more productive and engaging meetings. The key challenge is how to make transformation a visible reality for each individual leader. Change has to start from within and be visible from the outside, or it will never be sustainable. One to one learning, mentoring, and coaching sessions make this possible.

Results & Habits

We work with leaders to develop both their individual impact and the sense of accomplishment they get from achieving key goals.

It’s not enough today to do activities, true leaders recognize that its impact that matters. Our coaching processes ensure your leaders have the results they need and satisfaction.