Team Assesment

Could your team be more effective? Are there areas where cooperation or communications break down, or even erupt in outright conflicts? What do your people need to improve teamwork, build trust and openness? These are some of the questions which we help to answer by using proven tools and methods for diagnosing team performance.



Team Identity

Team Identity provides a simple proven 3-step approach recognizing that every strategic team is unique and team development is art and science. Thanks to this process, in step with individual development, true transformation takes place.



Team Dynamics

Misalignment can cost the team precious energy. Great coaches recognize that team pride and performance is achieved by daily practice and working together. Yet in our experience, too many strategic teams measure success on how effective were their meetings and not how effective was their interchange during daily work. AchieveSpain believes that true team work may start in the meeting room but the magic takes place when the dynamics of daily work change visibly.


Team Impact

Strategic teams and especially executive teams have a choice to be invisible and ultimately ineffective or visible and powerfully seen by key stakeholders and employees. Transformation, at the heart of a team, takes place after members become aware of their impact on other team members, other team members’ impact on them and the team’s impact on the whole organization. Executive teams that develop such awareness and base their work on trust effectively influence the rest of the organization, set a precedent for other teams and business units and have a positive impact on key stakeholders.  Cascading is a second major responsibility for most teams and clearly important for transformation to move forward. Through this process teams acquire a creative leadership and memorable ways to engage and drive commitment of your front line.