The Future of Sales

02 October 2019

Miller Heiman Group Spain hosted “The Future of Selling. Art or Science”. An event where experienced CEO´s discussed world´s best´s sales practices.

Miller Heiman Group Spain reunited 50 top enterprises to discuss how their organization is adapting to sales in a constant changing market. CEO´s from companies like Chanel, Heineken, Prosegur, Ilunion, Elizabeth Arden, listened to UK MHG partner Richard Hilton, and to José Castelló and John Guziak from the Spanish side.

Invites were led to think about whether the methodology/technology they were using was effective in order to obtain the goals of the organization, but also if their teams acknowledged implementation was something they believed in.

The question around whether these days science was necessary in addition to art so that sellers could actually destined more of their time planning the sales visit vs interpreting the CRM was at the order of the day.

Studies from CSO Insights (the research division from Miller Heiman Group) showed how world’s best companies that introduced technology and analytics (science) have a higher sales quota, never underestimating that their higher asset is their people.

As takeaway, participants were lead to reflect upon which message do they wanted to convey to their organization and which message would be easier to digest.